Using Docker

The natsio/nats-box:latest docker image contains the nats utility this guide covers.

In one window start a JetStream enabled nats server:

$ docker run --network host -p 4222:4222 nats -js

And in another log into the utilities:

$ docker run -ti --network host natsio/nats-box

This shell has the nats utility and all other NATS cli tools used in the rest of this guide.

Now skip to the Administer JetStream section.

Using Docker with NGS

You can join a JetStream instance to your NGS account, first we need a credential for testing JetStream:

You'll want to do this outside of docker to keep the credentials that are generated.

$ nsc add user -a YourAccount --name leafnode --expiry 1M

You'll get a credential file somewhere like ~/.nkeys/creds/synadia/YourAccount/leafnode.creds, mount this file into the docker container for JetStream using -v ~/.nkeys/creds/synadia/YourAccount/leafnode.creds:/leafnode.creds.

$ docker run -ti -v ~/.nkeys/creds/synadia/YourAccount/leafnode.creds:/leafnode.creds --name jetstream synadia/jsm:latest server
[1] 2020/01/20 12:44:11.752465 [INF] Starting nats-server version 2.2.0
[1] 2020/01/20 12:55:01.849033 [INF] Connected leafnode to ""

Your JSM shell will still connect locally, other connections in your NGS account can use JetStream at this point.

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