Asynchronous Subscriptions

Asynchronous subscriptions use callbacks of some form to notify an application when a message arrives. These subscriptions are usually easier to work with, but do represent some form of internal work and resource usage, i.e. threads, by the library. Check your library's documentation for any resource usage associated with asynchronous subscriptions.

Note: For a given subscription, messages are dispatched serially, one message at a time. If your application does not care about processing ordering and would prefer the messages to be dispatched concurrently, it is the application's responsibility to move them to some internal queue to be picked up by threads/go routines.

The following example subscribes to the subject updates and handles the incoming messages:

nc, err := nats.Connect("")
if err != nil {
defer nc.Close()

// Use a WaitGroup to wait for a message to arrive
wg := sync.WaitGroup{}

// Subscribe
if _, err := nc.Subscribe("updates", func(m *nats.Msg) {
}); err != nil {

// Wait for a message to come in

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