NATS and Kubernetes

The recommended way to deploy NATS on Kubernetes is using Helm with the official NATS Helm Chart.

Helm repo

To register the NATS Helm chart run:

helm repo add nats

Config values

The default configuration values of the chart will deploy a single NATS server as a StatefulSet and a single replica nats-box Deployment.

The ArtifactHub page provides the list of Helm configuration values and examples for the current release.

For tracking the development version, refer to the source repo.

Once the desired configuration is created, install the chart:

helm install nats nats/nats

Validate connectivity

Once the pods are up, validate by accessing the nats-box container and running a CLI command.

kubectl exec -it deployment/nats-box -- nats pub test hi

The output should indicate a successful publish to NATS.

16:17:00 Published 2 bytes to "test"

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