A command line utility to interact with and manage NATS.

This utility replaces various past tools that were named in the form nats-sub and nats-pub, adds several new capabilities and support full JetStream management.

Check out the repo for more details:

Installing nats

For macOS:

> brew tap nats-io/nats-tools
> brew install nats-io/nats-tools/nats

For Arch Linux:

> yay natscli

For Docker:

docker pull synadia/nats-box:latest
docker run -ti synadia/nats-box

Binaries are also available as GitHub Releases.

Generating bcrypted passwords

The server supports hashing of passwords and authentication tokens using bcrypt. To take advantage of this, simply replace the plaintext password in the configuration with its bcrypt hash, and the server will automatically utilize bcrypt as needed.

The nats utility has a command for creating bcrypt hashes. This can be used for a password or a token in the configuration.

With nats installed:

> nats server passwd
? Enter password [? for help] **********************
? Reenter password [? for help] **********************

To use the password on the server, add the hash into the server configuration file's authorization section.

authorization {
user: derek
password: $2a$11$3kIDaCxw.Glsl1.u5nKa6eUnNDLV5HV9tIuUp7EHhMt6Nm9myW1aS

Note the client will still have to provide the plain text version of the password, the server however will only store the hash to verify that the password is correct when supplied.