Creating a Kubernetes Cluster

Below you will find examples of creating a small 3 node Kubernetes cluster to try NATS on multiple clouds.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Use gcloud to create a 3 node regional Kubernetes cluster on us-west2.
# Create a 3 node Kubernetes cluster. One node in each of the region's three zones.
gcloud container clusters create nats-k8s-cluster \
--region us-west2 \
--num-nodes 1 \
--machine-type n1-standard-2
Note that since this is a regional cluster we are specifying --num-nodes 1 which will create a kubelet on 3 different zones. If you are creating a single-zone cluster but want 3 nodes then you have to specify --num-nodes 3.

Amazon Kubernetes Service

The eksctl is a very helpful tool to manage EKS clusters, you can find more docs on how to set it up here.
# Create 3 node Kubernetes cluster
eksctl create cluster --name nats-k8s-cluster \
--nodes 3 \
--node-type=t3.large \
# Get the credentials for your cluster
eksctl utils write-kubeconfig --name $YOUR_EKS_NAME --region eu-west-1

Digital Ocean

You can use doctl to create a cluster as follows:
doctl kubernetes cluster create nats-k8s-nyc2 --count 3 --region nyc1

Azure Kubernetes Service

Using az you can create a cluster like this:
# In case not done already, register to use some services:
az login
az provider register -n Microsoft.Network
az provider register -n Microsoft.Storage
az provider register -n Microsoft.Compute
az provider register -n Microsoft.ContainerService
# Create resource group and 3 node cluster
az group create --name nats --location westus
az aks create \
--resource-group nats \
--name nats \
--node-count 3 \
--node-vm-size Standard_DS2_v2 \
--load-balancer-sku basic \
az aks get-credentials --resource-group nats --name nats
Eventually your cluster will be provided ExternalIPs that the NATS cluster can advertise to clients:
kubectl get nodes -o wide
aks-nodepool1-18657977-0 Ready agent 5d16h v1.13.12 Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS 4.15.0-1060-azure docker://3.0.7
aks-nodepool1-18657977-1 Ready agent 5d17h v1.13.12 Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS 4.15.0-1060-azure docker://3.0.7
aks-nodepool1-18657977-2 Ready agent 5d17h v1.13.12 Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS 4.15.0-1060-azure docker://3.0.7